Biashara Street is a global eCommerce platform emphasizing reducing our carbon footprint by providing a sustainable site to practice green living. We bring you eco-savvy, green novice partners who provide organic, clean, and conflict-free, cruelty-free, exploitation-free, child-labor-free, and acceptable animal-derived materials.

Biashara Street connects millions of buyers and sellers worldwide to empower them to purchase products with honest, sustainable credentials to improve personal health and economic opportunities


  • We offer our sellers the opportunity to reach new people and the ability to grow their business regardless of size, background, or geographic location. Register to see more about our strategic partnership benefits


  • Our Marketplace offers our buyers a safe and secure personalized experience to explore a unique inventory selection at a great value


  • Provide an efficient, safe, and trusted shopping experience for all our customers
  • Provide a variety of products from a variety of international global markets
  • Provide the best competitive prices through our global partners and affiliates
  • Provide efficient, safe, and secure payment processing methods
  • Provide exceptional services by partnering with businesses that will uphold our mission and vision


  • Enable economic opportunities for entrepreneurs, companies, and organizations of all sizes and backgrounds
  • Become a trusted global partner by setting up best practices and business standards for our customers, individuals, entrepreneurs, businesses, and organizations of all sizes
  • Contribute to the global economy by enabling them to reach more markets
  • Support the success of our partners and affiliates
  • Inspire, encourage, and support the success of our communities

We Promise To

  • Make an uncompromising effort to exceed expectations and earn our customer’s trust
  • Encourage and engage our customers on sustainability and responsible purchasing to make the world a better and more sustainable place for future generations
  • Partner with vendors whose values align with ours; to create, promote, and sell environmentally friendly products and those who encourage and practice corporate social responsibility.
  • Promote and sell environmentally friendly products


How We Do It

We encourage our global partners to use a more holistic approach to focus on carbon reduction, soil health, water, and biodiversity to eventually drive a positive impact across the entire global manufacturing industry

We Strive To

  • Earn the trust and satisfaction of our customers
  • Thoroughly vet our partners and suppliers to ensure that their practices and values align with ours to ensure:
  1. They are offering fair living wages, safe working conditions, and environmentally sound practices
  2. They are non-discriminatory towards race, gender, or religion
  3. They offer Conflict-free; diamonds not financed via civil wars
  4. Their practice Cruelty-free processes; no harm or killing of animals, and animal-testing-free
  5. Their labor practices and policies are; Exploitation-free, no child labor, forced labor, and no human rights abuses

We focus on

  1. Respect
  2. Transparency
  3. Sustainability
  4. Quality
  5. Functionality

Our Story

It was a clear, crisp Spring night in 2018, reflecting on our life’s accomplishments and contribution to our community. We began asking ourselves some fundamental questions; are we happy with our achievements and contributions to our families, careers, and community? Our answer was overwhelming “Yes”!

As we continued to reflect, we wondered what legacy we wanted to leave behind? We each doodled some ideas of what the next chapter looked like for us individually and collectively. Well, that evening ended with a bunch of scribbles on paper followed by months of researching and planning.

By January 2019, we knew what we wanted to do. By the way, I should have mentioned earlier that over the years, from around 2003 to most recently, several family members experienced one or more health issues that required a healthier lifestyle change. We started to eat clean, exercise and became more attentive to our contributions to making Mother Earth a better place. Anyway… I digressed…

In January 2019: we decided to start an eco-friendly e-commerce marketplace. Not only to sell eco-friendly and organic products but to practice, promote and educate sustainability values. We thought, yes; many marketplaces carry healthy and sustainable products; however, what problems can we solve in this vast Marketplace? What are some of the most fundamental yet most straightforward ways to address all matters about improving one’s health, acknowledging climate change, and leaving a better, cleaner, and greener world for future generations? Limiting the harm to humans, animals, and the planet is not enough; although vital, we must make a positive impact by providing healthy, clean, and sustainable products while educating and encouraging our customers to make better choices. We want to ensure that we positively impact the places and people we encounter to leave this earth we call our home better than we found. The latter is our commitment to the future! 

Fast forward to 2020… As the pandemic ravaged the earth and the world as we knew it changed, our desire and decision to move in this direction was imperative. Our dreams for a balanced healthy lifestyle and social responsibility were equally important and a priority.

And voilà! The birth of BiasharaStreet.com !

Together we can make a difference and build a legacy by playing our part in making this world a little better one purchase at a time…


The Biashara Team!


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