“Art is to important not to share”. ~ Romero Britto
 Our round, mandala tapestries are in and boy are they jaw dropping! We are so excited to share these gorgeous, unique works of art with you!
Boho inspired, 100% cotton, lightweight and perfect for multiple uses! Take them along with you to the beach for a beautiful, artistic spread or to concerts, festivals, picnics and parks. As for home decor, our round, mandala tapestries are so vibrant and hypnotic, they are the perfect accent! Hang it on any wall to enrich and vibe up a room, use them to replace a basic headboard and opt for something more colorful. You could use them to create stunning seasonal tablescapes, or consider using them as throws for a sofa, chair or position furniture over them like a decorative rug!
We cant forget our college students and little ones! Refresh and awaken children’s bedrooms, playrooms and OMG dorm decor, need we say more! Is your creativity spinning yet? We hope so! They look stunning on patios and balconies too!
Above are just a few ideas seen around the world and really, these works of art have limitless possibilities being so unique, colorful and easy to use that they also make for the dearest gifts. A gift of art is unforgettable and cherished for years to come. Get your imagination in gear and envision ways you can add them into your unique life!
 -Shipped from Fla, USA
– 100% Cotton 
– Lace trim design
– Handcrafted in limited Pieces 

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