What’s in a Name?

Pronunciation: Bee-ah-sha-ra

Origin: Kiswahili

Dictionary Translation: Business, Trade, Commerce

As incorporated in our name: Commerce or Business Street

Why It Resonated

I recall a street in Nairobi, Kenya (East Africa). In the middle of this typical urban jungle was a bustling street lined with various storefronts and other commercial businesses, all conducting some form of trade. 

Although I was barely ten years old, my memory of this marketplace is colorful and vibrant bustling streets filled with people, traders, and shoppers from all levels of society. They displayed a plethora of merchandise choices from imports to eclectic locally manufactured and handmade products and crafts. 

And, of course, I would be remiss if I did not mention the beautiful, mouthwatering aromas of foods emitted from the variety of restaurants and cafes nestled in between these stores as one strolled through negotiating deals for our purchases. 

On Biasharastreet.com, you will find global diversity when you conduct business and shop, in addition to an array of products that are amazingly fabulous for your health and the environment.

Therefore, Biashara Street was unanimously the perfectly appropriate choice for our name! 

Karibuni! (Kiswahili plural meaning “welcome;” pronounced: kah-ree-boo-nee) 

Please join us and be part of a team that not only excels at what they do but are compassionate with a generous heart to pay it forward and make a difference in our communities via our stated Corporate and Social Responsibilities (CSR) 

Asante sana! (“Thank you so much” pronounced: ah-sahn-teh sah-nah

The Principal of Biashara Street


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