A tribute in honor of my father…

I was fortunate enough to not only travel but to live in different countries, to experience and appreciate all the diverse cultures around the world because my father worked for an international agency that promotes social justice and internationally recognized human and labor rights

Growing up, I had access to my father’s extensive library and vividly recalled our conversations and debates about equal rights. Discussions centered around everything from philanthropy, charitable giving, volunteerism, wages and salaries, equal remuneration for men and women workers for work of equal value, unemployment, family leave and protection, social protection of workers, women, young persons, and children, minimum working age, trafficking, modern enslavement, and more

Consequently, these values naturally carried forward with me into adulthood and played an essential role in why and how we developed our ethical, philanthropic, environmental, and economic responsibility; our CSR statement, which I, in turn, want to not only share but pass this legacy on to the future generations 

The Principal of Biashara Street


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