From designers to retailers, from industries to consumers, we now are, more than ever before, seeing increased awareness and effort to minimize our environmental carbon footprint while choosing a healthier lifestyle. We are, therefore, always searching for environmentally friendly, biodegradable home and retail furnishings, the use of natural and renewable fibers, and the consumption and use of organically sourced products.
Since Biashara Street’s E-Commerce marketplace is considered a mini-mall, and sourcing products from all over the world, we insist that our partners, associates, and product suppliers comply with the applicable laws, guidelines, policies, and regulations to reduce harm upon the ecosystems and the environment. Biashara Street also encourages companies to make a difference in their communities via Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR)
We are committed to engage in business with those who:
If you find any product on our platform that are not complying to any of the above, please contact us at [email protected]
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