Strategic partnerships are not a new concept. However, Biashara Street passionately believes that a strategic alliance is an opportunity to add service value for our customers, increase brand awareness, recognition, and brand trust, but most importantly, serve our specific niche. 

Seller Benefits: 

  1. Membership to an exclusive marketplace carrying only the best sustainable product via vetted partners aligns with our goals, values, and ethos.
  2. You do not need a license to sell on Biashara Street; however, we advise you to follow the rules, regulations, protocols, and laws governing a small e-commerce business for your jurisdiction.
  3. Global visibility to reach new markets.
  4. There is no membership or listing fee, subject to review and change at our discretion.
  5. Free advertising and promotional services via integrated social, search, and digital marketing for the best ROI.
  6. Free and easy product listing.
  7. No limits on how long you list your products. However, please remove items that have exceeded their expiration, Sell-By, or Use-By date. 
  8. Ability to upload your FAQs, Terms & Conditions, and contract.
  9. Real-time inventory and order management.
  10. Excellent customer service. 
  11. Reduced abandoned cart rates.
  12. As per our policies, we may assist with minor issues that do not require arbitration. Please contact your legal advisor for all other matters. 

Seller FAQ and Processes

Guide to Selling on Biashara Street

  • Before you set up your shop, please review our Privacy Policies and our Terms of Service for any additional information regarding doing business on Biashara Streets Marketplace 
  • After you subscribe, Biashara Street will review your application 
  • Upon approval to sell on Biashara Street, you will receive an email notification
  • We will then send the necessary onboarding information and instructions

Steps After Approval to Sell on Biashara Street and Onboarding

  1. Upload your shipping prices
  2. Send us your FAQs and other guidelines so we can upload them for you  
  3. Ensure all your pictures are clean and vivid, with high resolutions as they represent your brand
  4. If you need any assistance, Contact Us   

What You Can Sell on Biashara Street

You can sell a variety of products on Biashara Street, EXCEPT for PROHIBITED Items

Prohibited Items

  • Alcohol, tobacco, firearms, and weapons
  • Social drugs, medical drugs, and drug paraphernalia
  • Hate and violent items
  • Any merchandise promoting, supporting, and glorifying hatred and violence 
  • Pornography and mature adult content
  • Illegal items
  • Items promoting illegal activity
  • Hazardous materials
  • Recalled items
  • Specific animal and human products 
  • Certain regulated items, including international regulated items

Seller Responsibility

  • Follow renowned customer service best practices protocols
  • Ensure that all product images and descriptions are current and accurate
  • Check and maintain adequate inventory
  • Upon payment receipt, promptly ship all purchases 
  • Clearly state all shipping and return policies 
  • Adhere to your fulfillment, shipping, and return policies
  • Read and respond to reviews or questions about your products

Technical and Other Issues with Your Account

Contact Us for any of the following issues regarding your Seller Account 

  • Problems contacting us via Email or Phone
  • Accessing your account
  • Limited access to your account
  • Username and password issues
  • You feel your seller account is compromised
  • Suspended account and appeals 
  • Intellectual property infringements 
  • Harassment or any discrimination issues 
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